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MacQuiddy Values

imagesCAFWD6BR.jpgWe Are Responsible Mustangs:

We show respect     -    We make great decisions     -    We solve problems    -   We always tell the truth   -   We take care of each other


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School Schedule

Kindergarten : AM Ms. Pantoja/Ms. Macias

8:00 - 12:00 Everyday

9:50 -10:10  Snack

10:45 - 11:30 Lunch

12:40 Dismissal

Kindergarten: PM Ms. Castro/Ms. Khan

9:50 - 2:30 M,T,TH, F

8:00 - 12:00 Wednesday Only

10:45 - 11:30 Lunch

12:40 Dismissal

First Grade:

9:50 - 10:10  Recess

10:45 - 11:30 Lunch

1:15 - 1:25 Recess

2:30 Dismissal

Second/Third Grade:

9:50 - 10:10  Recess

11:30 - 12:15 Lunch

1:15 - 1:25 Recess

2:30  Dismissal

Fourth/Fifth Grade:

10:10 - 10:30 Recess

12:15 - 1:00 Lunch

Dismissal 2:30


Dismissal at 12:40

Thank You Ms. Cesarello... We love you!

Thank you to Ms. Cesarello for all that you do to support teachers, students and families at MacQuiddy! Your magic unicorns bring so much joy to those around you. You are our Monicorn!


End of Year Fun



Congratulations Mr. Ramirez, Mrs. Phipps Craig, Mrs. Patterson. Click here to see why!

MA Amigos.jpg


It is so important for students to arrive at school on time. When they are tardy or late they miss out on important information to set up their day. Please assist your child in learning the independent skills necessary to get up in the morning, get ready for school, and arrive on time.

Also, just a reminder if for any reason your child does not attend school you need to notify the office by calling (831) 728-6315 or sending a note with your child. You have 3 days to clear an absence before it remains an unexcused absence. If a student receives 3 unexcused absences, the law  requires us to send a letter of truancy to the family. If you have any further questions about absences please call the office directly. Thank you for being a valuable part of the educational team for your child. It takes us all working together! A T.E.A.M. (Together - Everyone - Accomplishes - More)

Mustang Citizens

cute y mq.jpg

Mustang Citizens of the Month

Camerino Lopez Garcia

Ana Mendoza Martinez

Elren Hanayama

Alfonso Mondragon Perez

Wendy Marquez

Maribel Basurto

Kailani Aguayo

Ernesto Puga

Athalia Robledo

Dereck Paz

Irvin Ezquildo

Angel Guzman

Dayanara Vasquez

Alondra Hernandez Valdivia

Esperanza Flores Mendez

Yasmin Leon

Ablert Castro Angeles

Reyna Riegos Salgado

Jessica Escamilla

Monica Lopez

Please help us to congratulate the following students who were Mustang Citizens of the Month for March. They are shining examples for our five MacQuiddy Values.

Diego Rivera Navarro

Hairo Duarte

Vianney Hernandez

Diana Esiquio

Diego Hidalgo

Orlando Diaz Aguilar

Alessandra Tamayo Ambriz

Jonahtan Zarate Gutierrez

Aylin Gonzalez   

Reyna De La Cruz

Jorge De La Torre

Fernando Hernandez Serrano

Rylee Gomez

Hailey Casillas

Isael Mondragon

Valerie Moran Inestroz

Maria Perez


Please help us to congratulate the following students who were Mustang Citizens of the Month for December/January. They are shining examples for our five MacQuiddy Values.

Deigo Rivera Navarro

Bianca Paz Carrillo

Joanna Cruz Regalado

Abram Raya Miranda

Marisol Cortes Gonzalez

Miquel Rivera Buenavente

Bryanna Godinez Bracamontes

Jesus Vega Lopez

Alijandra Spindola Ramirez

Samantha Macias

Melany Ortiz Martinez

Layla Cudenas Santos

Gerardo Viveros Solorio

Leilani Lopez Zepeda

Francisco Pacheco Lopez

Vanessa Martinez

Samantha Rubio Campo

Asma Kassem

Jose Morisco

Jennifer Lopez

Lucynel Rosales

Jasmin Diaz Naranjo

Salvador Resendiz Loeza

James Herrera

Andrea Ambriz

Mustang Citizens of the Month

Please help us to congratulate the following students who were Mustang Citizens of the Month for October. They are shining examples for our five MacQuiddy Values.

Mareli Hernandez Serrano

Adrian velasquez Flores

Oscar Pena Melgoza

Ashley Jimenez Saucedo

Andrew Marrujo Gonzalez

Valeria Tamayo

Gael Espinoza Sanchez

Noor Tapia Perez

Sergio Medina Ixta

Jose Rodriguez Vieyra

Jessica Gonzalez

Breseida Moreno

Angel Guzman Ramirez

Samantha Munoz

Joan Navaro Acosta

Maria Hernandez Loreto

Maria Hernandez

Jennifer Lopez

Imelda Rodriguez

Lucynell Rosales

Lourdes Ramos Torres

Julissa Rico Solis

Joanna Vega Villanuevo

Angel Mauricio Alvarez

Malea Subia

Eduardo Maldonado Saavedra Jr.

Please help us to congratulate the following students who were Mustang Citizens of the Month for September.  They are shining examples for our five MacQuiddy Values.

Emily Gallardo-Moran

Andrea Delgadillo

Angelica Mendoza

Julianna Garcia-Serrano

Marlen Colores-Cuestas

Giselle Lopez-garcia

Crystal Ramirez-Ortiz

Diego Gonzalez Avalos

Cristina Calata Gentil

Brianna Negrete Lopez

Alexa Pedraza Quintana

Stephanie Rocha Ayala

Luis Velasco Vazquez

Vianey DeLuna

Lourdes Ramos-Torres

Karely Vasquez Perez

Yanely Gonzalez

Sierra Schreiber

Maya Carrisales

Hector Diaz

Afterschool 100% Club

Parental Involvement Policy Politica de participa de los Padres

October Mustang Citizenship Celebration

citizen 4.JPG

Citizen Celebration

Citizen Celebration

School Accountability Report

Click here to read out our School Accountability Report.

BTSN jpeg.jpg

school picture day



   September 15th

     Don't forget to wear your

      uniforms on this day!

This is going to be the Greatest year ever!

Welcome back to the 2014-2015 school year.  This is going to be the best year ever! As we begin to implement the Common Core State Standards we will be experiencing some frustration, excitement, confusion, and motivation all at the same time. We are all in this together to learn, grow, and take care of each other. We have some of the most dedicated and driven teachers in the district. Make sure you take the time to introduce yourself to your child's teacher, and thank them for the endless hours they dedicate to creating an environment where all children thrive.  On behalf of Mr. Hiltz, Ms. Cessarelo, and Ms. Hallof we welcome you to this new year and are here to be of support and assistance to you. Let's work together to make this the best year ever!

Ms. Bradwell Takes on Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

Click here to see the video of Ms. Bradwell taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

5Th Graders Dance Around the World

Congratulations to our 5th graders for an amazing Dance performance during Open House.  They took us all on a journey around the world....through dance. It was a great lesson on perseverence as well. When we had technical difficulties the kids stayed strong, poised, and ready to start again.  The Show Must Go On! Special thanks to Ms. West for choreographing the dance and to all the students who practiced for hours, made posters, and worked hard for a great performance. You made us proud!

Click here to watch the Video!

The Day of the Teacher Dia De Maestra/o

A very special thank you to all the parents who donated food, money, time and energy to celebrating the amazing teaching staff we have here at MacQuiddy. The teachers enjoyed a beautiful array of foods and enjoyed relaxing together on a hot day.  A very special thank you to Ms. Raygoza for leading the team of parents in this celebration. Thank you to Ms. Partida for your vision, and amazing decorations and food. Thank you Mrs. Garnica and Mrs. Guerrero as well as the many parents to donated time and energy. We appreciate the Front Office staff Ms. Rojas and Ms. Alcantar for their time in helping this come together. The teachers all felt very appreciated. Thank you for our amazing Mustang Nation!! Check out the slideshow below of the event.

Another Display of Awesomeness in Action


Congratulations to Ms. Patterson for being chosen by the Association of Mexian American Educators (AMAE) as one of the teachers chosen to honor the Day of the Teacher/ Dia del Maestra.  Ms. Patterson works with students needing extra assistance in all areas, and she is an active part of our leadership team. She was chosen for the great work she does, her love of students, and the dedication she has to her craft. Congratulations Ms. Patterson!

Mustang Mini Mermaids Stampede through Santa Cruz

On Sunday morning while most of you were fast asleep in your beds, 22 of our very own Mustangs were up and ready to board the buses at 6:15 in the morning. Excited and a little nervous there were five buses full of students from Pajaro Valley Unified School District.  Once we arrive at the Boardwalk all the girls received their bibs (a number to record your registration in the race.) Then it was time to get excited and start the race.  I am proud to say that all of our girls that started the race......finished the race.  Congratulations for Reyna Riegos for being first to cross the finish line for MacQuiddy.  Once all were passed the finish line we celebrated with families, and some of us just hung out on the beach and enjoyed playing in the ocean. We are so proud of you for accomplishing your goal of running in a 5K race! Special thanks to Mrs. Ramirez, and Ms. Wheeler for coaching the girls each week toward the goal.  Thanks also to Ms. Phipps Craig for sharing her love of running with the girls. Ms. Phipps Craig also ran the Half Marathon on this same day.  Thanks Mustang Mini Mermaids......you made us all proud!! Looking forward to next year already! Enjoy the slideshow below of their day!

Fitness Day A Huge Success

Students and teachers alike had a great time at our MacQuiddy Fun Fitness Day. Students participated in the Obstacle Course, Hula Hoop Race, Ran laps around the cones, Shot Basketball Freethrows and Danced to Just Dance in the cafeteria. Thank you to everyone for making this a huge success. A very special thank you to Ms. Wheeler and her students for setting up, organizing, and doing the Face Painting. A great time was had by all.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see all the crazy pictures taken in the photo booth too. Here are some pictures of the day. Thanks to Ms. Phipps Craig for helping me to capture the event on film as well.

Awesomeness In Action


Congratulations to one of our own, Ms. Pantoja for being this years recipient of the Santa Cruz County Office Of Education Teacher of the Year.  This is a very prestigious award and couldn't go to a finer individual. Ms. Pantoja is a teacher leader, kind and compassionate teacher, and very supportive peer.  We are proud to call her a MacQuiddy Mustang and now the rest of the community can experience what we have the privilege of knowing each day. Congratulations Ms. Pantoja, and thank you for all your hard work, your kindness, and your positivity each day. Our students and staff are lucky to have you here!


Pajaro School District Student Of The Week

We want to give a grand MacQuiddy Congratulations to Jazmin Maldonado. She was selected as Student Of The Week for the entire school district. Jazmin will be acknowledged at the District Board Meeting on March 26th. This picture shows a wonderful article written about Jazmin by Mr Ramirez. Jazmin was chosen for her kindness, thoughfulness, and compassion toward others......A true example of the MacQuiddy values. In addition to these values she takes her education seriously and looks at every opportunity as a learning opportunity. We are so proud to acknowledge Jazmin as Student of the Week for MacQuiddy.

Jacob Young Financial Award

Congratulations to our Lead Teachers and Leadership Team for being awarded Jacob Young Financial Teacher of the Month! Our team of dedicated teacher leaders is also the first team to be nominated and awarded in the history of PVUSD. Congratulations we are again making history in the district and in the lives of all our students.


Follow Your Heart Network

Congratulations to Mr. Ramirez Fifth grade class for exemplifying the MacQuiddy values. Mr Curtis Reliford has made it his life's mission to help people whenever and wherever he can.  He has a company called the Follow Your Heart Network, at http://www.followyourheartactionnetwork.com/. His service to others has touched the students of Mr. Ramirez in a big way. They took it upon themselves, with a little help from Ms. Vizcaino and Keighly Alvarez, to help Mr. Reliford with his mission. Mr. Reliford has helped out with victims of Hurricane Katrina and other devasting diasters. Currently he has taken it upon himself to help the Native Americans of the Hopi Nation, most especially the children. The fifth graders collected non perishable foods, canned goods, Jackets, Sweatshirts, and long sleeve shirts.  The slideshow below shows them loading the truck.

If you would like to help by donating items, Mr. Reliford is still in need of the following: the Natives children of the Hopi Nation need Beanies, Gloves, Scarves, Long Sleeve Shirts, and non perishable foods.  Also Mr. Reliford is in need of replacing the tires on his truck which will transport all these items to the Hopi Children. If you would like to donate other items, it is always helpful for Mr. Reliford to have gas cards, gift cards and the like as he travels across states to take items to people in need.

As a school, MacQuiddy would also like to send books to the students of the Hopi Nation. Since our Book Fair is coming up it would be a great time to purchase a book for the Hopi Children. If you have questions or would like to donate please check in the office or email Ms. Hallof at vicki_hallof@pvusd.net. Thank you!


Do you know the Area of a Triangle?

Click on the Triangle below to see how our 5th Graders in Ms. West's class have learned about the Area of a Triangle!


Check out these amazing Bridge Maps for Equivalent Fractions

Thank you to Mrs. Ramirez 4th graders for the amazing work they are doing using Thinking Maps to learn about Equivalent Fractions. That is definitely Awesomeness in Action!






1,000,000 Words Read

Help us congratulate Miss Haley for being the first mustang to read one million words. Way to go Haley! We are so proud of you.


Ms. Wheeler's Social Studies Thinking Maps

Ms. Wheeler's Social Studies Thinking Maps
thinking maps 4.jpg
SS thinkingmaps2.jpg
Thinking Maps.jpg

Fall Is In The Air

Fall Is In the Air in Nature and Language too.

Click this picture to see an adorable video of our Kinders in action.



Awesomeness!!! 69 of our Kinders know 12 High Frequency Words!!!!


Mustang Citizen Celebration

Mustang Citizen Celebration

Harvest Festival Huge Success

Students and Staff all had a great time during the Harvest Festival activities on Thursday, October 31st.  Stay tuned for more pictures fo this amazing event. Special thanks to all the support staff for helping with the games, and for teachers spending time enjoying their students. A great time was had by all. Click here to watch a short video of Musical Chairs.


CAMP Sea Lab


Click the picture to see what the 5th graders saw during their adventures at Camp Sea Lab. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates.

MacQuiddy Fundraiser

Today we kicked off the annual MacQuiddy fundraiser.  Students received packets to sell between October 22- November 12. Prizes include:

First Place for most items sold: $100.00

Second Place for most items sold $50.00

Third Place for most items sold $30.00

Those placing in the top 13 with the highest sales will receive gift baskets.

Orders are to be paid for in advance.

To place an order directing on the website and give MacQuiddy the credit, please click here.

Dress Code

Just a reminder that our school dress code is Dark Green and White. Pants can be black, green, khaki or blue jeans.  All students are required to wear uniforms everyday except Fridays.  Friday is a free dress day.  Other items to consider on Free Dress day are: No thin strapped tank tops, no bare midriffs. No open-toed shoes, flip flops or high heels.  These are in place for the safety of all students. Thank you.


School Safety

                safe scool.jpg

Please remember when picking up students in the front of the school that you must park your vehicle first. If parking across the street we ask that you please use the crosswalk. For those students taking the bus they will be picked up in the back parking lot.

Also please make sure that if you are picking up your child at the end of the day program, and they are enrolled in Afterschool program that you need to sign them out from the Afterschool Program in Room 4C.


Office Hours:

Monday - Friday

7:30 - 3:30

Phone: 831 728-6315

Fax: 831 728-6466

All students must come to the office if they arrive on campus after 7:55.

It is important to be here on time, all day, everyday!

If absent more than three days it is necessary to bring a doctor's note.

Health News

          cold n flu season.jpg

When To Keep Your Child At Home:

With cold and flu season upon us soon it is very important to follow these guidelines if you child has been ill.               If your child has had a fever they must stay home until they are fever free, without medications, for 24 hours.  If they have the flu (sore throat, runny nose, deep cough, body aches, rash or vomiting) until they are symptom free for 24 hours. This is to prevent the spread of colds and flu to other students and staff.

Golden Ticket Readers

Golden Ticket.jpg

Help us congratulate these are the students that received the Golden Ticket for October.

Luis Blas

Allyson Hackwell

Jose Rodriguez

Jose Rosas

Angel Soto

Sheila Acosta

Francisco Carrillo

Hailey Casillas

Angel Espinoza

Abraham Garcia

Yasmin Leon

Jocelyn Madrigal

Francisco Medina

Angelica Medina

Julissa Medina

Andres Medrano

Eduardo Mendez

Benjamin Pederson

Cesar Ramirez

Evenie Ramirez

Mathew Rodriguez

Imelda Rodriguez

Arturo Sanchez

Leslie Sosa

Karely Vasquez

Angel Cabello

Haley Jiang

Briselda Morena

Adrian Rocha

Samantha Munoz

Samantha Rubio

Esmeralda Arias

Yadira Baltazar

Angelique Lopez

Cesar Rivera

Sierra Schreiber

Natasha Padilla

Keighly Alvarez

Hunter Giles

Donovan Mendoza

Aiden Rodriguez

Jenny Rodriguez

Sean Brown

Angel Guzman

Alexa Pedraza

Dayanara Vasquez

Cristina Calata

Emily Gomez

Adrian Velasquez

Scarlet Bonilla

David Calderon

Fatima Diaz

Leopoldo Flores

Itzel Gomez

Yanely Gonzalez

Enrique Hernandez

Lilly Luna

Byan Macias

Porfirio Montero

Jasmine Quintero

Sara Ramirez

Julissa Rico

Reyna Riegos

Jose Luis Sandoval

Xitlali Suarez

Victoria Urias

Sofia Valtazar

2013 Spring Performance