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We Are Responsible Mustangs

We show respect     -    We make great decisions     -    We solve problems    -   We always tell the truth   -   We take care of each other


  •   Students are allowed to bring costumes to school and change before the parade. (Kinder students can come in their costumes from home.)

  •   Costumes should be able to be put on over clothing. Students will not be allowed to change in the bathroom.

  •   No clown costumes this year (DISTRICT POLICY).

  •   No fake weapon accessories.

  •   No cans of hairspray, make-up kits, etc., allowed at school.

  •   Parents to label Halloween costume with student’s name.


Read Parent News Letter Here


Many MacQuiddy students and parents use several of the crosswalks to access the school daily.  Please be aware that four times a day students, parents and staff members are crossing the street and drive accordingly.  The times the crosswalk is heavily used are:

  • 7:30 - 8:00 AM
  • 9:30 - 9:45 AM
  • 12:30 - 12:50 PM
  • 2:20 - 2:45 PM

Again, please help to keep our students, parents and staff members safe.  Thank you!



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Parental Involvement Policy Politica de participa de los Padres

School Accountability Report

Click here to read out our School Accountability Report.

Mustangs on the Gallop

Empowering Youth

Empowering Youth

Empowering Youth

Empowering Youth

Health News

          cold n flu season.jpg

When To Keep Your Child At Home:

With cold and flu season upon us soon it is very important to follow these guidelines if you child has been ill. If your child has had a fever they must stay home until they are fever free, without medications, for 24 hours.  If they have the flu (sore throat, runny nose, deep cough, body aches, rash or vomiting) until they are symptom free for 24 hours. This is to prevent the spread of colds and flu to other students and staff.

Please Take The BrightBytes Survey

This is an important survey that informs future technology purchases in the District. Please take the:

Student survey

Parents survey

Teachers survey


Office Hours:

Monday - Friday

7:30 - 3:30

Phone: 831 728-6315

Fax: 831 728-6466

All students must come to the office if they arrive on campus after 7:55.

It is important to be here on time, all day, everyday!

If absent more than three days it is necessary to bring a doctor's note.

School Schedule

Kindergarten : AM Ms. Pantoja/ Ms. Raygoza/ Ms. McCarthy

8:00 - 12:00 Everyday

9:50 -10:10  Snack

10:45 - 11:30 Lunch

12:40 Dismissal

Kindergarten: PM Ms. Castro/ Ms. Khan

9:50 - 2:30 M,T,TH, F

8:00 - 12:00 Wednesday Only

10:45 - 11:30 Lunch

12:40 Dismissal

First Grade: Ms. Rios/ Ms. Dunn/ Ms. Flores/ Ms. Purpuri/ Ms. Vang

9:50 - 10:10  Recess

10:45 - 11:30 Lunch

1:15 - 1:25 Recess

2:30 Dismissal

Second Grade: Mr. Gluhan / Ms. Nathan / Ms. Bolt / Ms. Stefanko

Third Grade:  Ms. Morgan / Ms. Trybom / Mr. Silva / Ms. Wallace

9:50 - 10:10  Recess

11:30 - 12:15 Lunch

1:15 - 1:25 Recess

2:30  Dismissal

Fourth Grade: Ms. Rose / Ms Chappell / Ms Aboytes

Fifth Grade: Ms. Gaebe / Ms. Woods / Ms. Legions / Ms. Wheeler

10:10 - 10:30 Recess

12:15 - 1:00 Lunch

Dismissal 2:30


Dismissal at 12:40


Second Step: Skills for Social and Academic Success

Second Step is a fun to learn, easy to teach, research-based curriculum that supports emotional and social well-being for students.  Supported by music and videos, take-home activities, and stories children relate to, the developmentally appropriate Second Step lessons have helped teachers instill social-emotional skills in their students for over twenty years.  There will be monthly areas of focus throughout the 2016-17 school year.  They are:  September:  Respect and Focus, October:  Acceptance and Empathy, November:  Comparison and Caring, December:  Friendship,  January:  Friendship,  February:  Calmness,  March:  Problem Solving,  April:  Responsibility,  May:  MacQuiddy Values. For the 2016-17 school year we have also added a very important Bullying Prevention Unit for each grade level.