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imagesCAFWD6BR.jpgWe Are Responsible Mustangs:

We show respect     -    We make great decisions     -    We solve problems    -   We always tell the truth   -   We take care of each other


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Cool Dude Mohammed!

Cool Dude Mohammed!

King Julio of the land of Wheeler

King Julio of the land of Wheeler

Million Word Readers!

  The following students are newly inducted members of our MILLION WORD CLUB. This means that they have read over ONE MILLION words. This is amazing and we aren't even finished with the school year yet. There is still time for you to become a member....keep reading. Congratulations to Francisco Pacheco, Samantha Rubio, Haley Jiang, and Lucynell Rosales from Ms. Gaebe's class and Luis Blas from Ms. Bradwell's class. 



School Schedule

Kindergarten : AM Ms. Pantoja/Ms. Macias

8:00 - 12:00 Everyday

9:50 -10:10  Snack

10:45 - 11:30 Lunch

12:40 Dismissal

Kindergarten: PM Ms. Castro/Ms. Khan

9:50 - 2:30 M,T,TH, F

8:00 - 12:00 Wednesday Only

10:45 - 11:30 Lunch

12:40 Dismissal

First Grade:

9:50 - 10:10  Recess

10:45 - 11:30 Lunch

1:15 - 1:25 Recess

2:30 Dismissal

Second/Third Grade:

9:50 - 10:10  Recess

11:30 - 12:15 Lunch

1:15 - 1:25 Recess

2:30  Dismissal

Fourth/Fifth Grade:

10:10 - 10:30 Recess

12:15 - 1:00 Lunch

Dismissal 2:30


Dismissal at 12:40

Jackie Reads to Valentine

Jackie Reads to Valentine

Mustang Citizens

Mustang Citizen of the Month for Foregiveness

cute y mq.jpg

Mustang Citizen of the Month for Loyalty

Gabriela Montiel Macario

Lilia Valentino

Alessandra Mares Quiroz

Kelly Ramirez

Kerizma Jewell

Andrea Delgadillo

Bryanna Godinez

Andrew Marrujo

Diego Guerrero

Alexa Godinez

Lucy Cordova

Arismeldy Guzman

Bryan Flores

Arthur Lopez

Leslie Haro

Stephanie Torres

Brian Hidalgo

Esperanza Flores

Christian Sandoval


Mustang Citizen of the Month for Diligence

Christopher Garcia

Alyah Perez Lopez

Alicia Perez

Martin Avalos

Liliana Amaya

Bianca Paz Carrillo

Omar Reyes

Ashley De La Torre

Aliylah Rodriguez

Yaleyli Hernandez

Rania Nasr Saleh Ali

Victoria Mon Hey Choi

Janessa Arana

Jackelyn Navarro

Gael Garcia

Rodrigo Orozco

Pedro Torres

Monserrat Cuevas

Derrik Paz

Angel Soto

Samantha Rodriguez


Mustang Citizen of the Month for Respect

Edith Sanchez Martinez

Malia Machigal

David Vargas

Karla Ibarra

Christian Rodriguez Lazaro

Leslie Alvarez

Emily Ruiz Lopez

Mai Nagamine

Miguel Rivera Buenavente

Ariel Campos Garcia

Jocelyn Reyes Lopez

Daniel Moran Inostroz

Betsaney Viveros Santillan

Alexis Pascual Hernandez

Kiara Gonzalez

Jonathan Zarate Gutierrez

Thrisia Estrellon

Adan Valle Sanchez

Cristina  Calata Gentil

Jocelyn Madrigal

Sofia Solis Ramirez

Romen Gil

Monica Lopez

Maria Aguirre


Mustang Citizen of the Month for Foregiveness

Alexandra Vargas Valencia

Edwin Cornejo Zavala

Ariana Lemus Covarrubias

Diego Mendoza Arevalo

Daisy Rocha

Hairo Duarte

Diana Esiquio

Mariasaray Canela

Marlen Colores Cuestas

Diego Hidalgo

Juan Diego Luna Perez

Hilda Cadenas Santos

Aiden Rodriguez

Adrian Casillas

Fabiola Flores

Stephany Gomez Campos

Lucynell Rosales

Joireena Valoyoso

Jonathan Setterberg

Fatima Alsalahi

Cayla Zurita

Samuel Rodriguez


Mustang Citizen of the Month for Self-Control

Daisy Ramirez-Ortiz

Joseph Cruz

Alexandra Sandhez

Ramiro Sanchez-Lopez

Savannah Ochoa

Adilene Gracida

Julianna Garcia Gonzalez

Angelica Mendoza

Romeo Diaz Bernal

Gael Espinoza Sanchez

Jessica Gonzalez Montiel

Andrea Albarran

Jaiden Castillo

Juan Olivera Montiel

Stephanie Rocha Ayala

Omar Aguilar Zavala

Evelyn Guzman Vasquez

David Ibarra Bucio

Brian Hidalgo

Saul Somoza

Maria Perez Carrillo

Perla Garibaldo



Mustang Citizen of the Month for Courage

Audrie Ramirez

Angel Arevalo

Jorge Olivera

Fabiola Vasquez

Destiny Contreras

Heidi Mercado

Noemi Nunez

Ivan Villagran

Layla Cadenas

Dakota Fremlin

Jose Zamora

Donovan Robles

Angel Hernandez

Andre Fernandez

Dayanara Vasquez

Angel Guzman

Octiviano Diaz

Andres Medrano

Joceline Orozco

Eric Paniagua

Rylee Gomez

Edwin Atilano

Oscar Rivera


Mustang Citizen of the

Month for Kindness


kindness jpeg.jpg

Maria Rodriguez

Barbara Ramirez

Christian Aguilar

Lisa Conway

Andrea Maya

Isabella Rocha

Isabella Torres

Gabriel Ortiz

Victorino Gonzalez

Kailani Aguayo

Eduardo Maldonado

Vivian Maldonado

Crystal Ramirez

Cassandra Flores

Larissa Buckman

Jesus Vega

Jorge De La Torre

Haley Jiang

Ivan Lopez

Shoren Hanayama

Diego Rodriguez

Karina Mejia

Hermelinda Lopez

Janielle Carvalho

Perla Garibaldo


Thinking Maps are Everywhere

End of Year Fun



Congratulations Mr. Ramirez, Mrs. Phipps Craig, Mrs. Patterson. Click here to see why!

MA Amigos.jpg


It is so important for students to arrive at school on time. When they are tardy or late they miss out on important information to set up their day. Please assist your child in learning the independent skills necessary to get up in the morning, get ready for school, and arrive on time.

Also, just a reminder if for any reason your child does not attend school you need to notify the office by calling (831) 728-6315 or sending a note with your child. You have 3 days to clear an absence before it remains an unexcused absence. If a student receives 3 unexcused absences, the law  requires us to send a letter of truancy to the family. If you have any further questions about absences please call the office directly. Thank you for being a valuable part of the educational team for your child. It takes us all working together! A T.E.A.M. (Together - Everyone - Accomplishes - More)

Parental Involvement Policy Politica de participa de los Padres

October Mustang Citizenship Celebration

citizen 4.JPG

Citizen Celebration

Citizen Celebration

School Accountability Report

Click here to read out our School Accountability Report.

Digital Storytelling Class Celebration! These woman are amazing, resilient women! It was an honor to work with them and help them to tell their stories.

Open House a Huge Success!

Support the Book Fair by ordering online too.

You can now order books from the book fair online and the school will receive credit for your order.

For the ONLINE BOOK FAIR go to :


The online book fair is available from April 23- May 13, 2015.

You can also dowload an APP to help you find the right books for your child, for more information visit scholastic.com/apps/bookfairs.

Book Fair Hours on site are:

5/5 Tuesday 8:00 - 4:00 p.m.

5/6 Wednesday 8:00 - 4:00 p.m.

5/7 Thursday 8:00 - 4:00 p.m.

5/7 Thursday 5:30 - 8:00 p.m. OPEN HOUSE

What do you do when the bus is late?

What do you do with fifty students when the bus is late? Find Ms. Cesarello and her incredible magic act. She even sought out others in the crowd for a little audience participation. We love Ms. Cesarello....thanks for keeping us entertained while we were waiting for the bus.


Twin Day gone wild!!!!

PSA on Walk or Ride To School Day


The Royal Court of MacQuiddy

We've Got Character at MacQuiddy on Favorite Character Day!

ASP Mustang Athletes

Click the picture to learn more

HOOP .....There It Is!!!!

Every week teachers at MacQuiddy celebrate each other and the work they do to create an environment for success....both for each other and our students. This year we are celebrating weekly by passing the "HOOP". If someone jumps through the HOOPS for a team, a student, a peer we are celebrating. We started the ball rolling by Hooping two teachers: Ms. Gonzales and Ms. Dunn.

Ms. Adeline  decided to hoop Ms. Morgan! I don’t work or talk to Ms. Morgan on a daily basis…but I love it when I request something from her, like working on cumes before they get sent out and keeping an eye on attendance for certain students she is always willing and does it in a timely matter. I love how friendly she is and how she is very attentive with her students. I want her to know how much MacQuiddy and I appreciate her! 

And the hoop rolls on to....Ms. Nijland... who is leaving us this year (insert tears here.) Ms. Nijland has been a huge asset to the primary grades for a LONG time. In addition to the  unenviable task of assessing entire grade levels she loves working with the kids, has a keen eye to spot gaps in learning and is always flexible to our ever changing schedules. Janna is great to collaborate with and brings many years of experience and wisdom to the table. Her charm and sense of humor will be missed. My hope for Ms. Nijland is that she will be able to return to her bicycle friendly homeland, Holland, for a nice long visit and some quiet rides in the country. 
Be well, Janna. You will be missed!

I would like to hoop Mr. Dolden! He is an extremely patient teacher. He works with students and parents to provide the best education for his class.  He sets a great example by biking into work!

Ms. Wheeler would like to Hoop Ms. Adeline!
Ms. Adeline is such an important part of the backbone at MacQuiddy. Her friendly reminders to take attendance are very helpful for me! And if any of you have ever been in the office when a frustrated parent has called or come in you will agree with me that she is a very kind and professional person. The way she works under stress and frustration honestly amazes me! The staff and parents at MacQuiddy are very lucky to have Adeline here each day helping us all. Thank You for everything you do Adeline!

Ms. Hallof Hooped  Ms. Wheeler. I appreciate that she spends four days a week working in the afterschool program, coached Mini Mermaids, and is always willing to go the extra mile for a colleague or student. Denise has a great way of connecting with her students through humor, sarcasm, and her nurturing spirit.  She is a great team player and so willing to do what is best for the team even if it takes some extra time to do it. I have enjoyed working alongside her at MacQuiddy and totally appreciate her humble spirit as well as her fashionista personality. If you haven't figured this out yet, I think she is an amazing teacher. Way to go Denise.... You are awesome!!!!

Ms. Gonzales Hooped Mr. Pearman because he is a teacher with high expectations for his students.  He gets to know his students well and makes personal connections with them...Like playing guitar with one of them. He works to bring in Science projects to show students how fun Science can be. He has clear behavior expectations and holds students accountable. He took on leadership this year and is a valued member.  He is always willing to try new things and share his thoughts. Thanks for your hard work Mr. Pearman!


Mr. Silva has Hooped Ms. Gonzales for being an outstanding teacher that always finds a way to meet the needs of all her students.  As our third grade lead she goes over and beyond to support us, always willing to lend a hand.  Thank you for the constant reminders to grade and enter my data but most importantly thank you for being a great colleague. Thank you Ms. Gonzales, MacQuiddy is very fortunate to have you.​

Ms Castro has Hooped Ms. Hallof for being a stellar organizer, making positive changes, a source of information, an advocate for all our students, a very generous person who celebrates her staff daily. You continue to be a positive asset to our school community. I appreciate you. 

IMG_8833.JPG  IMG_1158.JPG

Liz has Hooped Mr. Silva. Mr. Silva has a lot of patience with the students and is always willing to help them out. He is flexible with his time and is always willing to help a co-worker.  Thank you Mr. Silva for such a team player!

Sandra is hooping Ms. Castro. Ms. Castro is awesome with the kids and great to share a  joke with. I've learned a lot from her. I love her call it like I see it attitude. She makes working in 4C a barrel of laughs, and she is a great teacher too. 

noid1q03296.jpg  noid1q01287.jpg

It is with great pleasure that I nominate my amazingly talented, multi-tasking, dedicated paraprofessional LIZ AYON. She's the best!!! Without her, I would not be able to run the resource program in such an engaging way. She is truly a gift to have in the classroom (I feel like I am bragging ;)) Not only does she follow lessons for our remedial groups "to a T," but she does so with respect and a great deal of love for our students. She's my RSP "Wing-woman" :D  I am ever so blessed to have her with me. THANK YOU LIZ!

noid1q11042.jpg noid1q11048.jpg
Congrats to Sandra for getting HOOPED!
Ms. Sandra Magdaleno, Safety Supervisor holds it down with our kiddies from dawn til dusk. She is cool under pressure, awesome with the kids and great to share a laugh with when you're at your wits' end. She is HUGE resource to our school, a great mom(bless her offspring who also work with us) and a doting abuelita. What more could anyone ask for? 
Thank you Sandra! We are so lucky to have you!
Jenny would like to hoop Patrick Dolden is an easy to work with, supportive colleague. He is respectful, professional and kind to coworkers. He doesn't toot his own horn and he is flexible to try new things. He is good at formative assessment and is always problem solving around real time student work/data. He challenges his students, and encourages cognitive struggle.  He lets the most vexing students stay with him during his breaks to work out problems, finish work, and help him.  He lets parents text him.  He considerately balances work, health and family.  He models consideration for the environment: reduce, reuse, recycle.​  Also, he is real about what challenges him, and always has an encouraging word to build up others.  He models trust and diplomacy.
Winter Bond is our Resource Teacher, with positive energy, and a contagious smile that brightens up our school.
She is a wonderful, dedicated educational specialist that works with some of our most demanding and challlenging  students. Even with a heavy caseload and RTI, she still finds time to ensure that  her assessments are indepth, insightful, and provide opportunity for true growth and change in the lives of our students.
Winter is a great Special Ed team member,  she is very accessible  for consultation and collaboration, a true joy to work with. Winter is also a dynamic and delightful person, and if you are lucky enough to hear her sing - you will be floored by her fabulous voice!


Gail would like to hoop Jenny Nathan


Jenny has a brilliant depth of knowledge about curriculum and standards in education. She shares that knowledge with everyone. Jenny is always a positive member of our team. She has also continued to be a master teacher even as a new parent, no matter how tired the many long days and nights leave her.
 Rocio would like to hoop Ms. Moore. She greatly admires her dedication to the education and safety of her students.  She has many great and innovative teaching ideas and is more than happy to share!  She is always offering to help any way that she can and always maintains a positive attitude amongst the many challenges that come her way.  It is always a pleasure to stop and chat with her in the hallway or the staff room.  She is a ray of sunshine here at MacQuiddy and we are very lucky to have her!.


Mr.Gluhan hooped Rocio Pantoja for her highly-organized learning style, classroom management skills, and friendly demeanor. 

Mr. Gluhan would also like to hoop Gail Wallace for her willingness to lend a helping hand whenever I had questions for her. She also has
specific and structured lesson plans whenever I taught her students.

noid1q03101.jpg  noid1q02136.jpg

Maria Rojas Hooped Dennis Gluhan, one of our amazing temporary staff and Afterschool Teacher. He is always positive about everything. Even when his job gets changed or the schedule gets moved he goes with the flow. He works around what is needed and what needs to be done without any hesitation. I appreciate him wanting to work here at MacQuiddy than at any other school because I know I can count on him- regardless of he need!

It's a first in Hoop History. Mr,. Gluhan has been double hooped!!!! Nate hooped Mr. Gluhan for always being on time to cross kids, keeping them safe, and looking out for him as a crossing guard. His presence outside slows drivers down, and keeps all our little mustangs safe.
Double Hooped. First Time in History!!!
IMG_7644.JPG IMG_7645.JPG

Jose has chosen to Hoop, Nate our amazingly dedicated Crossing Guard because he risks his own safety to protector our little Mustangs every day.  Traffic is heavy and most drivers don't respect the speed limit.  He really does a great job crossing our students every day. Thanks for keeping us all safe.

Ms. Aboytes Hooped Maria Rojas because she is so kind and very helpful, especially to a new teacher. She offers a smile and gentle voice while she takes time away from tasks in offering needed information... Thank you so much, Maria


Hoop... here we go again. While we are all thankful for many things it is nice to point them out from time to time. Alex has Hooped Jose Yanez because since he arrived at MacQuiddy, Jose has  literally fulfilled every request I’ve asked of him, above and beyond his daily responsibilities. He’s found throughout his busy day, time to get me tools, move furniture and even shampoo the office rug in a more than timely fashion, which I appreciate so much. So José: you’re Hooped! Enjoy!

Also help me congratulate Ms. Aboytes. Destiny hooped her because she is very responsible and on time to pick up her students. She's always on time for Yard Duty, and communicates with us when there is a problem at recess. Also, she is very respectful and nice to all of us. Thank you Ms. Aboytes.


Hoop.... Alas we hoop'ed again. Juanita is hooping Destiny for her calm ways in the cafeteria and on yard duty. She is kind and caring and a good friend and co-worker.  Juanita appreciates how much she does for our students and parents.

Also being Hooped this week is Alejandro Gatica, our Migrant Teacher, by Ms. Dunston. He has been an amazing help to her with helping families understand Special Education IEP's and working with two boys to help them in their education. He has been a special friend to her class and she truly appreciates all that he does for her students, and all MacQuiddy students.

alex.JPG    destiny.JPG

Hoop....Here we go again...... Jose Yanez has hooped 
one of our amazing Yard Duty staff members. Jose chose Juanita because she is respectful and kind and she cares for the safety of our students and school. She is very helpful in the cafeteria and keeps our staff room clean. She is always nice to others. Congratulations Juanita and all our Yard Duty personnel for the amazing job you do!

Ms. Khan has passed the Hoop of Recognition on to Ms. Dunston this week. Ms. Dunston is so loving and caring with all of her students that she has a hard time separating herself from them to even take a break for herself!  A few weeks ago, she really  went above and beyond the call of duty by taking care of one my students.  A young student from my K class showed up at school one morning at 6:45, Ms. Dunston  h came early to do an IEP, but needless to say her IEP never got done while she took a student under her wing, calmed him down,tried to feed him breakfast & waited till Maria got to school to call his mom. Many thanks to Candice for her kindness & dedication!

dunston.JPG   juana.JPG

Another great opportunity to celebrate the work our teachers are doing.  Ms. Hernandez is passing on the HOOP to Ms. Khan.  She passes the "Hoop of Recognition" to Ms. Khan for the gratitude I have for our monthly salary increase and for her role as our Union Representative.  Last Springs salary increase has allowed me to have a better quality of life.  Prior to the salary increase, Ms. Khan attends endless amounts of meetings on teachers behalf.  She believes in our profession, our students and our school.  She goes over and above, and therefore without hesitation I pass the "Hoop of Recognition" to Ms Khan.  

Ms. Danna has nominated Jose Yanez our lead custodian this week. Jose has been hooped because of his willingness, abilities and knowledge to do the best job possible. He has been a hard worker, and a warrior when need it.  His years of dedication and courage have described him as one of the best custodians in the PVUSD.

Thank you for all you do to make T.S. MacQuiddy a beautiful, clean and safe place for our little Mustangs.


kahn.jpg     Jose.jpg

Another week of amazing things happening at MacQuiddy. This week Ms. Moore has nominated Yolanda Danna, our amazing librarian! Ms. Moore said the following about Ms. Yolanda,

"I nominate Mrs. Yolanda Dana for her amazing ability to engage children into the wonderful world of reading. She goes beyond the extra effort to know every child's name, helps them discover new books, and encourages students at every level to read.
Her book fairs are always exciting and fun! She creates a fun energy buzz that stimulates reading throughout the school.
She graciously opens her library for staff parties, celebrations, after school classes and parent meetings.
Her decoration abilities are worthy of Martha Stewart awards and she makes every celebration over the top.
Yolanda works behind the scenes, to create a wonderful school community for students and teachers.
Congratulations to Ms. Hernandez for being HOOP'd by Ms. Raygoza.
There are so many reasons that I picked Ms. Hernandez!
She always answers all my questions concerning any subject matter.  She is there to listen to all my concerns about my students.  It's amazing that you share all your ideas with me! Ms. Hernandez goes above and beyond to connect with her family and get her students set up for success in the classroom.
Congratulations to Ms. Moore for being the second recipient of the "Hoop." Ms. Gonzales said the following about why she chose Sydnie:
​Hi! I'm going to Hoop Sydnie Moore! Ms. Moore is a hard worker who always wants what's best for her kids, our school and the Earth! She's been bringing snacks to share with the staff and is always willing to encourage others! She knows how to be flexible and roll with the punches! She works hard to provide opportunities for her students to take trips and see the world around them.
Congratulations to Ms. Raygoza for really stepping up this year to help others around her. She has been a great support to her First Grade team and has been very supportive to Ms. Dunn who now has a combination class. She is always in a good mood and shares her smiles and laughter with her students.

One week later we have two more fantastic teachers Ms. Moore and Ms. Raygoza


Congratulations Ms. Moore and Ms. Raygoza

Ms. Gonzales spearheaded a movement to create a beginning of the year BBQ so that we could all be together and meet our newest members of the Mustang Nation, as well as greet each other for the start of a new year. It was a great success!

Ms. Dunn received hers because she was willing, after already starting the school year, to take on the challenge of a K/1st Combination class.

HOOP There it is! Our First HOOP'sters!



Our Amazing Mini Mermaids make the Mustang Nation Proud

Click here to see the amazing photos taken during their recent 5K race in Santa Cruz.

Special thanks to Ms. Wheeler, Ms. Cesarello, Ms. Alcantar, and Ms. Bolt for being amazing coaches and inspiring our girls to believe in themselves and have a positive body self image. 


Super Sportstars on Sports Day

Sportin' It on Sports Day!

Sportin' It on Sports Day!

Lucynell is honored at District Board Meeting

We are Really Wacky at MacQuiddy

Student of the Year for MacQuiddy!

lucynell yahoo.png

Mustangs are Proud of Our Own

The MacQuiddy Mustangs are proud of the entire Mustang Nation.

Lucynell received special recognition as Student of the Year for 5th Graders at MacQuiddy.

Congratulations Lucynell. We are so proud of you!



Wow! Valentine's Day was Alive and Well at MacQuiddy!

Thank you all for your generosity in purchasing our Valentine's Grams. We raised $652 in this fundraiser. The students, and teachers, faces were priceless as they received their Valentine Gram from peers, parents, teachers, and secret pals. This was a very successful fundraiser that I am sure we will do again next year. Thank you so much for participating.

val gram.jpg

Save Our Shores

A big thank you to both Ms. Moore and Ms. Bradwell for guiding their students to be involved in the community event Save Our Shores.

Program coordinator Marina Maze offered MacQuiddy wonderful stewardship lessons and a transportation grant to take both classes to Natural Bridges State Park. Natural Bridges Ranges also taught the students about monarch butterfly migration, life cycles, and environmental protection. After this amazing natural science inquiry families and students were invited back to enjoy the beach and support a Save Our Shores Beach Clean Up.  As you can tell by both slide shows they enjoyed themselves.

Save Our Shores

Click the picture for more information about Save Our Shores

Natural Bridges State Park

Ms. Moore and Ms. Bradwell's Classes help Save our Shores

Mrs. Claus Visits MacQuiddy


Wednesday, Dec. 10 we had a wonderful turnout for our first Family Health Fair. We had over 75 participants come and receive information, a lite snack, and receive some prizes for their attendance. Mrs. Claus even made a brief appearance to welcome the family and children.

Below you will see a slide show of the amazing vendors who participated in this event. Thank you to Martinelii's, Cowboy Café, Straw Hat Pizza, Erik's Deli Café, Speedy Oil Change, Carmona's, and D'La Colmena, for their generous donations , and all the wonderful vendors for sharing their information.

MacQuiddy Family Health Fair

Super Star Sales Students

Congratulations to the following students for raising the most money during our recent fundraiser. This means a huge thank you goes out to the families and friends of these students as well. Students are listed in order by the how much money they raised.

1. Jocelyn Madrigal (Gaebe's Class)

2. Nethaneel Johnson (Jacob's Class)

3. Allyson Hackwell(Bradwell's Class)

4. Jesus Mauricio (Gonzalez's Class)

5. Givoanni Rocha (Pearman's Class)

6. Valerie Madrigal (Wheeler's Class)

7. Eliup Brito (Wheeler's Class)

8. Aubrey Lomeli (Bolt's Class)

9. Reynaldo Magdaleno (Jacob's Class)

10. Roberto Delgado (Aboytes' Class)


WOW Mustangs Are Awesome!!!!

Congratulations to all the MacQuiddy Mustangs. We raised $618.00 in two hours at our recent Yogurtland Fundraiser.

A super big thank you to Yogurtland of Watsonville for being a Community Partner and sponsoring this event. Way to go Mustangs!!!


Happy Harvest Festival Parade!!!!

Harvest Parade Here we go...a little Dia De Los Muertos Too!

Cooling off in ASP!

Cooling off in ASP!

3 Amigos take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Click here to see the video about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and see who Mr. Hiltz, Ms. Cesarello, and Ms. Hallof called out in the challenge. Be patient as it's at the end! Way to go Mustangs!



The Amazing Bike Rodeo!

Mr. Hiltz and Ms. Cesarello speak for County Office of Education and PVUSD Board

This is going to be the Greatest year ever!

Welcome back to the 2014-2015 school year.  This is going to be the best year ever! As we begin to implement the Common Core State Standards we will be experiencing some frustration, excitement, confusion, and motivation all at the same time. We are all in this together to learn, grow, and take care of each other. We have some of the most dedicated and driven teachers in the district. Make sure you take the time to introduce yourself to your child's teacher, and thank them for the endless hours they dedicate to creating an environment where all children thrive.  On behalf of Mr. Hiltz, Ms. Cessarelo, and Ms. Hallof we welcome you to this new year and are here to be of support and assistance to you. Let's work together to make this the best year ever!

Ms. Bradwell Takes on Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS

Click here to see the video of Ms. Bradwell taking the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

5Th Graders Dance Around the World

Congratulations to our 5th graders for an amazing Dance performance during Open House.  They took us all on a journey around the world....through dance. It was a great lesson on perseverence as well. When we had technical difficulties the kids stayed strong, poised, and ready to start again.  The Show Must Go On! Special thanks to Ms. West for choreographing the dance and to all the students who practiced for hours, made posters, and worked hard for a great performance. You made us proud!

Click here to watch the Video!

The Day of the Teacher Dia De Maestra/o

A very special thank you to all the parents who donated food, money, time and energy to celebrating the amazing teaching staff we have here at MacQuiddy. The teachers enjoyed a beautiful array of foods and enjoyed relaxing together on a hot day.  A very special thank you to Ms. Raygoza for leading the team of parents in this celebration. Thank you to Ms. Partida for your vision, and amazing decorations and food. Thank you Mrs. Garnica and Mrs. Guerrero as well as the many parents to donated time and energy. We appreciate the Front Office staff Ms. Rojas and Ms. Alcantar for their time in helping this come together. The teachers all felt very appreciated. Thank you for our amazing Mustang Nation!! Check out the slideshow below of the event.

Mustang Mini Mermaids Stampede through Santa Cruz

On Sunday morning while most of you were fast asleep in your beds, 22 of our very own Mustangs were up and ready to board the buses at 6:15 in the morning. Excited and a little nervous there were five buses full of students from Pajaro Valley Unified School District.  Once we arrive at the Boardwalk all the girls received their bibs (a number to record your registration in the race.) Then it was time to get excited and start the race.  I am proud to say that all of our girls that started the race......finished the race.  Congratulations for Reyna Riegos for being first to cross the finish line for MacQuiddy.  Once all were passed the finish line we celebrated with families, and some of us just hung out on the beach and enjoyed playing in the ocean. We are so proud of you for accomplishing your goal of running in a 5K race! Special thanks to Mrs. Ramirez, and Ms. Wheeler for coaching the girls each week toward the goal.  Thanks also to Ms. Phipps Craig for sharing her love of running with the girls. Ms. Phipps Craig also ran the Half Marathon on this same day.  Thanks Mustang Mini Mermaids......you made us all proud!! Looking forward to next year already! Enjoy the slideshow below of their day!

Fitness Day A Huge Success

Students and teachers alike had a great time at our MacQuiddy Fun Fitness Day. Students participated in the Obstacle Course, Hula Hoop Race, Ran laps around the cones, Shot Basketball Freethrows and Danced to Just Dance in the cafeteria. Thank you to everyone for making this a huge success. A very special thank you to Ms. Wheeler and her students for setting up, organizing, and doing the Face Painting. A great time was had by all.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see all the crazy pictures taken in the photo booth too. Here are some pictures of the day. Thanks to Ms. Phipps Craig for helping me to capture the event on film as well.

Awesomeness In Action


Congratulations to one of our own, Ms. Pantoja for being this years recipient of the Santa Cruz County Office Of Education Teacher of the Year.  This is a very prestigious award and couldn't go to a finer individual. Ms. Pantoja is a teacher leader, kind and compassionate teacher, and very supportive peer.  We are proud to call her a MacQuiddy Mustang and now the rest of the community can experience what we have the privilege of knowing each day. Congratulations Ms. Pantoja, and thank you for all your hard work, your kindness, and your positivity each day. Our students and staff are lucky to have you here!


Pajaro School District Student Of The Week

We want to give a grand MacQuiddy Congratulations to Jazmin Maldonado. She was selected as Student Of The Week for the entire school district. Jazmin will be acknowledged at the District Board Meeting on March 26th. This picture shows a wonderful article written about Jazmin by Mr Ramirez. Jazmin was chosen for her kindness, thoughfulness, and compassion toward others......A true example of the MacQuiddy values. In addition to these values she takes her education seriously and looks at every opportunity as a learning opportunity. We are so proud to acknowledge Jazmin as Student of the Week for MacQuiddy.

Jacob Young Financial Award

Congratulations to our Lead Teachers and Leadership Team for being awarded Jacob Young Financial Teacher of the Month! Our team of dedicated teacher leaders is also the first team to be nominated and awarded in the history of PVUSD. Congratulations we are again making history in the district and in the lives of all our students.


Follow Your Heart Network

Congratulations to Mr. Ramirez Fifth grade class for exemplifying the MacQuiddy values. Mr Curtis Reliford has made it his life's mission to help people whenever and wherever he can.  He has a company called the Follow Your Heart Network, at http://www.followyourheartactionnetwork.com/. His service to others has touched the students of Mr. Ramirez in a big way. They took it upon themselves, with a little help from Ms. Vizcaino and Keighly Alvarez, to help Mr. Reliford with his mission. Mr. Reliford has helped out with victims of Hurricane Katrina and other devasting diasters. Currently he has taken it upon himself to help the Native Americans of the Hopi Nation, most especially the children. The fifth graders collected non perishable foods, canned goods, Jackets, Sweatshirts, and long sleeve shirts.  The slideshow below shows them loading the truck.

If you would like to help by donating items, Mr. Reliford is still in need of the following: the Natives children of the Hopi Nation need Beanies, Gloves, Scarves, Long Sleeve Shirts, and non perishable foods.  Also Mr. Reliford is in need of replacing the tires on his truck which will transport all these items to the Hopi Children. If you would like to donate other items, it is always helpful for Mr. Reliford to have gas cards, gift cards and the like as he travels across states to take items to people in need.

As a school, MacQuiddy would also like to send books to the students of the Hopi Nation. Since our Book Fair is coming up it would be a great time to purchase a book for the Hopi Children. If you have questions or would like to donate please check in the office or email Ms. Hallof at vicki_hallof@pvusd.net. Thank you!


Check out these amazing Bridge Maps for Equivalent Fractions

Thank you to Mrs. Ramirez 4th graders for the amazing work they are doing using Thinking Maps to learn about Equivalent Fractions. That is definitely Awesomeness in Action!






Ms. Wheeler's Social Studies Thinking Maps

Ms. Wheeler's Social Studies Thinking Maps
thinking maps 4.jpg
SS thinkingmaps2.jpg
Thinking Maps.jpg

Fall Is In The Air

Fall Is In the Air in Nature and Language too.

Click this picture to see an adorable video of our Kinders in action.



Harvest Festival Huge Success

Students and Staff all had a great time during the Harvest Festival activities on Thursday, October 31st.  Stay tuned for more pictures fo this amazing event. Special thanks to all the support staff for helping with the games, and for teachers spending time enjoying their students. A great time was had by all. Click here to watch a short video of Musical Chairs.


CAMP Sea Lab


Click the picture to see what the 5th graders saw during their adventures at Camp Sea Lab. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates.

Dress Code

Just a reminder that our school dress code is Dark Green and White. Pants can be black, green, khaki or blue jeans.  All students are required to wear uniforms everyday except Fridays.  Friday is a free dress day.  Other items to consider on Free Dress day are: No thin strapped tank tops, no bare midriffs. No open-toed shoes, flip flops or high heels.  These are in place for the safety of all students. Thank you.


4th Graders Go To College (Cabrillo)

4th Graders Go To College (Cabrillo)

4th Graders Go To College (Cabrillo)

4th Graders Go To College (Cabrillo)

4th Graders Go To College (Cabrillo)

4th Graders Go To College (Cabrillo)

4th Graders Go To College (Cabrillo)

4th Graders Go To College (Cabrillo)

4th Graders Go To College (Cabrillo)

4th Graders Go To College (Cabrillo)

More Royalty

Positive Discipline Class for Parents

Wacky Hair Day Winners!



Positive Parenting Class


Office Hours:

Monday - Friday

7:30 - 3:30

Phone: 831 728-6315

Fax: 831 728-6466

All students must come to the office if they arrive on campus after 7:55.

It is important to be here on time, all day, everyday!

If absent more than three days it is necessary to bring a doctor's note.

Congratulations to our new student council members

Student Council.jpg
Congratulations to our newest student council members for 2014 2015 School year.
Ms. Gaebe's Class: Fernando Hernandez, Franky Medina
Ms. Jacob's Class: Natasha Padilla, Peter Quiche
Ms. Bradwell's Class: Luis Velasco, Esperanza Flores
Mr. Pearman's Class: Canelo Guzman, Haiey Jiang
Ms. Aboytes' Class: Joanna Rosas, Adrian Rocha
Ms. Wheeler's Class: Jonathan Setterberg, Vivian Ruiz
Ms. Clifton's Class: Luis Narez, Leslie Diaz
Keep checking back for more information from these amazing leaders.



We wanted to share with you that Sandra, Juana, and Destiny (our amazing yard duty staff) would like to announce

which class has the best, most amazing cafeteria manners. It was very
 hard as all students have been working hard in the cafeteria and all around campus.

Ms. Bolt's Class
Ms. Trybom's Class
Ms. Wheeler's Class
Ms. Jacob's Class
Mr. Pearman's Class
Ms. Morgan's Class
Ms. Bolt's Class
Ms. Raygoza's Class
Ms. Hernandez's Class
Ms. Wheeler's Class
Ms. Castro's Class
Ms. Gonzales' Class
Mr. Pearman's Class
Ms. Dunn's Class
Ms. Trybom's Class
Ms. Moore's Class
Ms. Moore's Class
Ms. Hernandez' Class
Ms. Pantoja's Class
Ms. Raygoza's Class
Ms. Wallace's Class
Ms. Wheeler's Class

Ms. Bradwell's Wall of Kindness

Health News

          cold n flu season.jpg

When To Keep Your Child At Home:

With cold and flu season upon us soon it is very important to follow these guidelines if you child has been ill.               If your child has had a fever they must stay home until they are fever free, without medications, for 24 hours.  If they have the flu (sore throat, runny nose, deep cough, body aches, rash or vomiting) until they are symptom free for 24 hours. This is to prevent the spread of colds and flu to other students and staff.

2013 Spring Performance

Thank You Ms. Cesarello... We love you!

Thank you to Ms. Cesarello for all that you do to support teachers, students and families at MacQuiddy! Your magic unicorns bring so much joy to those around you. You are our Monicorn!